The Timeline


My natural inclination is to avoid timelines. However, they actually help drive the creative process by making it real and elevating a sense of urgency. The key is to set a realistic timetable that does not shortchange the process.

The creative process is easily divided into two parts: the first creation and the second creation. The first creation is the creation in the mind, on paper and in conversation. The second creation is the physical creation. The second creation is never any better than the first: poor planning and thinking never results in a great outcome. Most people jump too quickly to the second creation and miss out on the adventure of dreaming and envisioning. Our timetable allows for plenty of first creation time.

The timetable is set as spanning the year of 2010, but is not set in stone.

NOTE: I have abandoned a formal timeline for the good of the creative process. I plan on following the natural pace of the project. In no way does this mean pursuing it with less vigor, just less self-induced stress. (May 13, 2010)

First Creation Activities: January – May

Prototyping: June

Design Drawings: July

Contracting: August

Fabrication: September – October

Final Assembly: November

Testing and Run-in: December