In any creative project, it is wise to collaborate. No one has a lock on the truth or the full set of giftedness that produces the best result. We are designed to work together to accomplish things. Therefore, I am working with a tiny group of individuals who bring true expertise and wisdom to the Roaster Project.

Tim Eckholdt

Tim is the President of Acme Metal Works, the machine shop that is the prime contractor for the fabrication of parts and subassemblies for the Roaster Project. He helps in critical review of the design, commentary on manufacturability, and management of the parts making process. Acme not only does machining, but aviation grade welding, as well: both of which are key to the project.

Tom Eckholdt

Tom is the founder of Acme Metal Works. He started in the Air Force as an aircraft grade welder and later started the company. He has a wealth of experience and has a very “can do” attitude about the Roaster Project. Tom is helping with critical review of the design, brainstorming, ¬†manufacturability, and sourcing.

Chanelle Richardson

Chanelle is a talented local artist. Her photography is highly respected and I particularly love her composition and the feel of her work. Chanelle’s focus on quality, uniqueness, and craftsmanship mesh well with the principles of the Roaster Project. She has agreed to be the photojournalist the project, chronicling the progress of the work. Chanelle is also an avid cook and blogger.