Progress Report for 2012

2012 December 28

While the project went slower than I had hoped during 2012, much progress was made. At the start of the year, we were still testing the prototype. The main focus was on airflow issues. Here is a photo from January:

FullSetupNow we are far into Module 1, having built the bowl system with a movable carrier and the frame. We are now working on the additional parts for this module. Specifically, we are building the skirt band that goes under the bowl to prevent beans from traveling under the bowl at the end of the roasting cycle. At this point the bowl moves down 3″, briefly exposing this undesired travel path. The ring is made up of a band the same diameter as the bowl, a support ring to hold this band securely in place and bracing arms that connect this support ring to the bowl carrier.

SkirtBandDwgThis is the original drawing of the support ring.

SkirtRingTabsThe support ring was water jetted in two halves which will be connected together with joining plates.

SkirtTabRingDetailThe tabs which will have nut plates riveted to them have been bent to shape. The band has holes that match up with the tabs and will be attached with countersunk machine screws.

SkirtTabRingThis is how the ring will look when the halves are joined together.

Currently being machined are the joining plates and bracing arms. I have also designed the automated lift mechanism for the bowl and these parts are being converted to CAD files. We wish you a Happy New Year and look forward to much progress in 2013.


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