Progress for Week 13 of Building the Roaster

2012 July 31

This week was lucky 13 of building the roaster. It was a week of assembly, rather than making parts, which was an exciting time. Assembly is when you find out if your individual component designs actually fit together properly and if the thing works. Last week, the frame was nearly completed and this week it would be the basis for all of the assembly.

Assembly started with adding components to the frame. We added feet to be able to level the frame. Next, we installed pulleys which will guide the cables for the counterweights. The counterweights will help reduce the amount of effort it takes to lift the bowl, reducing it from 250lbs to about 30lbs.

Meanwhile, we added linear bearings to the bowl carrier. There are eight of them and they precisely guide the bowl carrier up and down.

Next we added the drive motor and its mount. This DC gearmotor directly drives the shaft attached to the bowl.

Then we slid the carrier into place. It has to be partially disassembled during this process due to the compactness of the frame.

The linear guide rods were slipped into place. Each rod is made of hardened steel and is one inch in diameter. The rods guide the carrier with great precision. Each was bolted securely into the frame. Please note my mechanics, Cindy Johnston (my talented wife) and Erich Schultz (coffee cognoscenti).

All of the bolts were tightened once the carrier was aligned.

We then put the precisely machined roasting bowl into place. It mates snuggly with the mounting hub to prevent wobbling.

The bowl was secured with six high-strength flanged bolts. We checked the spinning of the bowl. The next step will be for the run-out and linear movement deviation to be measured with accurate and sensitive equipment so that we know that the assembly meets our specifications.


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