Progress for Week 11 of Building the Roaster

2012 July 13

The next step in the process is to design and build the framework that holds the bowl carrier and the shafts that the linear bearings ride on. We decided to use 3″ square steel tubing with a 1/8″ wall thickness. It will be made of several sections welded together into a rigid unit. I gave my drawings to ACME Metalworks and they started by creating a CAD drawing.

The CAD file was then used by the machinist to start drilling and boring holes for future connections.

They also machined sleeves for certain holes that will be welded into place and ground down. The sleeves are for areas where extra rigidity is need to prevent crushing the square tube. This sleeve is for one of the linear bearing shafts. As it is bolted into place, the squeezing of the top and bottom hex nuts could warp the tube.

As the tube sections are completed, the tubes are gathered together into a kit to send to ACME’s in-house welding shop.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working with the bowl drive motor to adjust the controls and become familiar with its operation.

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  1. Neal Zeller permalink
    July 13, 2012

    You have no idea what a tease this whole process is for me. Can’t wait to actually quaff a cup of ‘Joe’ from this confabulation.

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