Progress for Week 7 of Building the Roaster

2012 May 29

This week we continued assembling parts completed by ACME Metalworks and checking for fit and other issues that might become apparent. So far, everything is in good order. We inserted the thrust bearings and tested the fit of the drive hub. The bowl is bolted to the hub, so the fit of the hub is extremely important.

We also mounted the linear bearings and fit the precision shafts that the bearings run on. The bearings are made of FrelonĀ®, which is in that same family as TeflonĀ®. It is self lubricating and can withstand harsh environments.

The precision shafts come already hardened, so they were sent to a grinding shop to have threads ground into them. The threaded end of each rod will be bolted into the main frame of the roasting module.

We also received the controller for the motor that will drive the bowl directly. The motor is a DC brushless motor made in the USA by Bodine Electric. This controller allows us to adjust the speed, acceleration, deceleration, and direction of the motor.


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