Progress for Week 2 of Building the Roaster

2012 April 24

This week, ACME Metalworks continued machining on the bowl. Due to the fact that the bowl is very large and the thickness is 1/4″, it must be machined gradually. The bowl tends to flex a bit when being machined and set up harmonic vibrations. To damp the vibrations, the bowl is filled with cooling/lubricating fluid.

Slowly, the milling tool is run around the bowl. Cutting a layer at a time, the tool is moved closer and closer to the final diameter, which is 36″. It must be precisely round (concentric) for the roaster to work properly.

By the way, the machining is being done using Haas machining centers which are also American-made. It is quite a success story of American ingenuity and craftsmanship. The machines are built in Oxnard, California. Since our goal is a 100% US-made roaster, it even more satisfying that the operators are local machinists and that the machines that make components for the roaster are made in our neighboring state.

My drawings are being converted to CAD drawings for machining the other components for Module 1. We have also ordered the US-made bowl drive motor and speed controller from Bodine Electric.


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