Progress for Week 1 of Building the Roaster

2012 April 13

Physical work on machining the real deal started this week at ACME Metalworks and I have been designing and drawing feverishly to keep up. There are 22 modules in the build sequence for the roaster and sub-assemblies within each module. A list of the modules and current subassemblies are in this list. We are working on Module 1, the bowl and its drive system, which is perhaps the most difficult and critical to the everything else.

Last week, Tim Eckholdt from ACME designed a fixturing system to hold the bowl in the vertical mill to do the machining of the part. This is the fixture on CAD.

This week, he has fabricated the fixture and has started to use it. He welded temporary tabs on the bowl, which will be cut off later.

The bowl has been cut down from 20″ tall to about 11″ tall which results in the shape which we feel is optimal for bean dynamics.

Last week he also converted my engineering drawing for the drive hub into a CAD file for machining.

So far the hub has been partially machined and awaits a key slot for the drive shaft and mounting holes for the securing studs.

This thrust bearing will carry the weight of the bowl and the coffee while it spins at 90 RPM.

I have also completed my drawings for numerous other parts, including the aluminum carrier for the bowl, bearings and drive shaft. This is my engineering drawing of the upper plate which will me machined out of 1/2″ thick aluminum.

4 Responses
  1. April 13, 2012

    This project is going to make a coffee drinker out of me!

    • April 13, 2012

      If coffee doesn’t work for you, maybe beer or chocolate: the roaster is designed to roast cacao and malted barley, too!

  2. Neal Zeller permalink
    April 13, 2012

    Malting barley, and I assume wheat, rye and others? I’m hearing microbrew.

    • April 13, 2012

      It should be able to do 35-50 lbs of malted grain per roast, so that could be used by a nanobrewery or microbrewery. Definitely more than any home brewer needs.

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