Machining Details for the Bowl

2012 April 9

We met recently at ACME Metalworks to discuss how to machine the bowl. It is certainly the most critical component in the entire roaster, so we really need to sweat the details. The bowl must be concentric (round) to within a few thousandths of an inch so that, while rotating, it does not scrape the cylinder it is spinning within. Furthermore, we must be able to move the bowl up and down about 3 inches while it is spins and stay in perfect alignment.

I rely upon Tim Eckholdt of ACME to come up with methods for machining parts that meet my design specifications. Since we do not have a giant lathe at our disposal, the bowl will be machined radially using a CNC mill. Tim designed an aluminum cradle to attach to the bowl. It is attached via welded tabs. Once attached, he will find and mark the dead center of the bowl. Then he will mill the edge radius of one half of the bowl, turn it, and machine the other half.

After this is finished and inspected, he will keep the bowl in the machining cradle and do the boring for the drive hub. This includes as large centering hole and six attachment holes. The hub mates to the driveshaft with a spline and a nut to secure it. The machining should begin this week. Afterwards, it will be heat treated and nickel plated.


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