Summer Doldrums

2010 August 27
by Joe Johnston

It may seem as though the Roaster Project has come to a grinding halt. Fear not, it is alive and well. We have encountered the summer doldrums. I don’t know if it is true of other parts of the country, but in Arizona the summer is a very difficult ┬átime to accomplish much. First of all, it is hot and it saps your strength and creative energy. The longer the heat continues, the more ennui sets in. Secondly, there is a focus on getting away from the heat. Vacationing takes hold and, while vacationing, one does not want to do serious mental lifting. Thirdly, others you may be relying upon have the same issues. Their reduced output and lack of availability only amplify the summer doldrums problem.

On the bright side, much creative design goes on “in the background” of the mind. I’ve had many interesting thoughts and am more encouraged than ever about the project. I will reveal more details in the next few weeks.


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