Mind Map of the Roaster Project – Roaster Design

2010 April 13

In an earlier post, I discussed the use of mind mapping to help visually sort out the components of a complex problem. At that time, I was thinking of using mind mapping software (I did play with several kinds of mind mapping freeware), but concluded that hand drawn was in keeping with the whole ethos of the Roaster Project. Yes, it is harder to share digitally, but I like the feel of a drawing. Here’s what it looks like:

It looks like a pile of spaghetti, but on closer examination, each major topic branch is a different color and is clearly labelled. From the major topic branches, branches flow and continues into sub branches. I’ve also coded some items with symbols so I can quickly see where the topic of “burners”, for example, shows up on other branches. Here is the left side of the mind map in more detail.

Now the right side of the mind map. The original is on 11×17 so that I can fold it and put it in my notebook and it is relatively easy to scan and stitch.

Finally, a detailed closeup of the branches related to the roasting bowl, the heart of the roaster. I added small sketches to add more detail than words alone can express.

Try mind mapping for your next project. It helps visually minded people get their arms around a project. Furthermore, linkages that are not apparent in lists or text become very apparent when presented in a mind map. Recognizing these linkages greatly aids in optimizing a design.

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  1. April 13, 2010

    Fantastic, Joe. That is an inspired mindmap. I can’t wait to absorb it… over a cup of coffee. So copper got the axe as a material? I’m sure it can work in on the steampunk fitments. I like the detail on the control system branch, as well. -Andy

    • April 14, 2010

      Actually, copper is still in the running. It is in the “other” category under bowl materials. I’ve kept your comments in mind regarding metal forming and materials.

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