The Official Band of the Roaster Project: Calexico

2010 January 28
by Joe Johnston

You may think that I am wasting time naming an official band of the roaster project. What does music have to do with design work or coffee, anyhow? I find that music helps to inspire the creative process and music that matches the essence of what one is trying accomplish REALLY helps in the design process. Perhaps it is the way the artistic mind: music influences creative thought patterns.

CALEXICO in series Live At Other Music from Dig For Fire on Vimeo.

So why Calexico? First of all, they are the quintessential Arizona band and we are Arizonans and proud of it . They respect and admire the various traditional influences of music in Arizona and yet make completely modern music. Calexico collaborates. They do not see themselves as knowing all, rather they work with others to develop the rich, unique “Tucson sound”. On stage, they are gracious, inviting collaborators like Sergio Mendoza y La Orkestra to share the stage and mesh with them.

The band is made up of people with a passion for music, not for stardom or popularity. You can hear it in their work. Each band member is well seasoned in their craft. They are professionals that have honed the use of their particular instruments. Calexico is a band of very smart people who combine what we hope to combine in the roaster project: passion+craft+quality+Arizona.


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