Don’t Jump to Conclusions

2010 January 1
by Joe Johnston

The “first creation”, the creation in the mind, on paper, and in conversation is a time to be savored. One can derive a huge amount of pleasure dreaming, sketching and talking about a new idea. Furthermore, the idea only gets better, more detailed, refined and tested. It is too easy to shorten this period and “get on with it”. That is a huge mistake! Growing an idea takes time and patience and takes unexpected turns given adequate time. Those turns often lead to some elegant solutions and fantastic design.

Jumping to conclusions too early sets you on a path of short circuiting the first creation. It is all too easy to observe what others have done and assume that this is the way something must be done. For instance, virtually all shop roasters are drum roasters. I am trying to avoid jumping to the conclusion that the roaster should be a drum roaster. There may be many good reasons why it should be a drum roaster, but I’d rather discover those reasons as I look at the roasting process. There are certainly other geometries and techniques that have been tried and can work.

It takes personal discipline to not jump to conclusions, as one desires closure to move on with other aspects of a design. I’m going to work hard on staying open minded for as long as I can in the Roaster Project.


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